Tips For Selecting The Best Home Stair Lift For Your Aging Parents

14 February 2019
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If it's starting to become harder and harder for your elderly parents to climb up to the second story of their home, but they don't want to move to a single-story residence, then a stair lift is an excellent solution. Stair lifts prevent fall injuries and are a much more affordable option than installing an elevator or adding on a first-floor bedroom.

Since stair lifts are an item most people don't know a lot about before the time comes to purchase one, these tips will help you select the best home stair lift to meet your parent's needs: 

Tip: Determine the Type of Stair Lift the Home Requires

Different styles of staircases require different types of home stair lifts. If your parents have a staircase with just a single run of stairs without any landings or curves, then you can purchase a straight-rail style lift. However, if the stairs have curves or a landing, then a curved-rail style lift will be required. As you might imagine, straight-rail lifts are much less expensive than curved-rail lifts because they don't require any custom fabrication.

Tip: Opt for a Swivel Seat for Ease of Use

Home stair lifts are a lot easier to use when they have a swivel seat instead of one that is stationary. In this style of lift, the seat swivels away from the stairs and gives your parents a lot more and safer room to get themselves into the chair. Without the swivel seat, the seat stays close to the bottom stair and top stair and can pose a fall danger.

Tip: Consider a Pre-Owned Lift If You Need a Straight-Rail Model

If your parent's home will accommodate a straight-rail style of stair lift, then you really should consider purchasing a pre-owned model. Once disabled people move out of their home and a lift is no longer needed, then remodelers remove them and sell them on the secondary market. This can result in a fantastic deal if one is available locally.

Tip: Speak With the Staff at Your Local Durable Medical Equipment Store

Since home stair lifts are considered to be durable medical equipment under some health insurance policies, the sales staff at durable medical equipment stores have knowledge about them. If you are struggling to choose the right option for your parents just by shopping online, visit a local store and talk to them about the makes and models available to choose from.