Three Electric Wheelchair Maintenance Tips

18 May 2017
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An electric wheelchair can be one of the best options for individuals that are suffering from serious mobility issues. Yet, an electric wheelchair will need to be properly maintained in order to avoid potentially serious problems or performance issues with the device.

Care For The Battery

One of the most important steps that you can take to care for your electric wheelchair is to properly maintain the battery. Failing to properly care for the battery can compromise its ability to retain a charge, which can cause it to lose power far more quickly than necessary. A key step in caring for a battery will be to avoid letting it completely lose its charge. This may sound strange, but once this happens, the battery will likely struggle to hold a full charge. Sadly, this problem is likely to progressively get worse until the battery is replaced. Another aspect of battery care that needs to be followed is cleaning it. Lime and dirt accumulations can form on the battery terminals. Cleaning these substances from the battery will improve the flow of electricity, which can boost efficiency.

Clean The Upholstery On A Regular Basis

The upholstery on your electric wheelchair will be subjected to intense wear. While this wear may not seem like it will create serious issues, it can be possible for the upholstery to degrade enough to impact your comfort while riding the wheelchair. Regular cleanings are among the best options for minimizing these problems as these cleanings will remove substances before they are able to severely stain or degrade the fabric. Ideally, you should attempt to use a steam cleaner for this task as the intense heat and pressure generated by these devices will be sufficient to remove dirt, debris and stains that penetrate deep into the upholstery fibers.

Avoid Attempting To Repair The Chair Yourself

It is an unavoidable reality that your electric wheelchair may experience some mechanical issues at some point during the time that you own it. When individuals attempt to repair these chairs without professional help, they may inadvertently cause serious damage to the unit. Additionally, it could be possible for a person to suffer a serious electrical shock from these attempted repairs. Due to these reasons, you should always leave repairs to a trained professional technicians, and if you are concerned about the costs of hiring these professionals, you can help to defray these repair expenses by investing in an extended warranty.